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Article: Charles & Dawn Steal the Show on The Secret Circle

According to Sciencefiction.com, “Dawn and Charles are responsible for the majority of the darkness and destruction that has befallen Chance Harbor.”

…Dawn and Charles propel the action on ‘The Secret Circle’ and give the show a menacing dark edge that keeps viewers coming back for more. Cassie might have been needed to form the circle, but without Dawn and Charles, there is no show.



Gale Harold Hints at Charles & Dawn’s Master Plan on The Secret Circle

Secret Circle: 6 Burning Questions Answered

by Matt Webb Mitovich

…Gale Harold, who plays Charles with delicious zeal, was not at liberty to reveal their master plan. “But I would love to see it be kind of, as it should be, let out bit by bit, but veiled, so it builds up to a question,” he offered. “You have this whole thriller aspect of, ‘Who’s going to unwind the other one?’ Because it’s inevitable that there’s going to be some sort of power struggle…



Official Synopsis for Episode #1 of The Secret Circle

Dreadcentral.com has released the official synopsis of the first episode of The Secret Circle (plus an interview with Natasha Henstridge)!

“…Charles Meade (Gale Harold, “Queer as Folk,” “Desperate Housewives”) has plans of his own for the group…”  FULL ARTICLE

The Secret Circle is Putting the Older Generation Front and Center.

The Secret Circle: Stars and Producers Share Details for the New CW Show

…A lot of CW shows have a tendency to cast parents as secondary characters and focus on the younger generation, but The Secret Circle pilot puts the next generation (played by Henstridge and Gale Harold) front and center.  EPs Miller and Hatem said that both Henstridge and Harold are such great actors (and they really are in these parts) that it would be crazy not to use them as much as they can.  As well “the multi-generational aspect is so endemic to our story that you can’t avoid it.  We’re going use them a ton…



The Secret Circle cast & crew has many great things to say about Gale at Comic-Con

@JimHalterman (The Futon Critic) did a six part interview with the cast and crew of The Secret Circle at Warner Brothers San Diego Comic-Con.  He has uploaded all the videos to his site. Although Gale was not there, the rest of the cast had some wonderful things to say about him; I have included the links below of the interviews that discuss Gale Harold/Charles Meade.