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Gale Harold Attends the Unite Against the War on Women Rally in Los Angeles.

We have a couple of picture of Gale Harold at the UAWOW Rally in Los Angeles, California on Saturday.

Thanks to Ginger Voight on Twitter who spotted Gale with some eagle eyes and to Yara Martinez who shared a  picture of Gale and a friend plus a pic of Gale’s shoes.  I must say I died when I saw him rep’n my town in his Austin City Limits t-shirt.

Austin City Limits! So cool! Thanks @Yara_Martinez


She later retweeted that she meant to say "marching" shoes, not "matching".



New Pics of Gale Harold in Upcoming Film Low Fidelity (Thanks to kinwad)

Thanks to kinwad on LJ, we have 4 great new pics of Gale Harold in his upcoming film Low Fidelity.  We don’t have  a release date yet, but our very own @rpattznurse recently tweeted @juntoboxfilms about the release…  …and we are waiting eagerly and will keep you updated.


Now, what you really want: Gale Pics!

Teaser: Episode Stills of Gale Harold in 1.5 “Slither”

Thanks to ksitetv.com we  have images from the fifth episode of The Secret Circle; here are the still of Gale!

Pics of Gale Harold from The Secret Circle TCA Panel today

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