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Rise ‘n Shine Convention is Putting Together a Queer a Folk Fan Project

We were planning on doing a Gale Harold Appreciation Fan Book, but since the Rise ‘n Shine Convention has picked up our idea, we’ll just piggy back off of them.

Here is the information:

“Queer As Folk Book Project!

We are putting together 9 books for the convention – one for each actor so they can have a special memory of the convention.

What we’re asking is that you send personal messages, drawings, photos of you and your QAF buddies, photos of you helping promote Rise n Shine, pride events, and anything else you fancy sending!

You can send special messages even if you are not attending the convention! These books will then be compiled by Talia and Sarah, and then given to the actors at the convention.

Please send your messages, photos, and anything else you want included to:


and include which actor your message/photo is for in the subject line of the email. 

If you have something you wish to be placed in all 9 book, that is fine also, just mention that in your email!”

The Cologne Rise n Shine Convention is Official!

We have the official dates, itinerary, and ticket prices for the German Queer as Folk Convention.  It is June 8th – 10th the summer of 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

Here is the Official Website.


Great News on Queer as Folk Convention in Cologne, Germany this Summer!

Thanks to@RisenShineCon we have a pretty solid confirmation that the QaF convention in Germany WILL happen this summer.

Date for Queer as Folk Convention in Germany

Queer as Folk Season 4 Premier

The Queer as Folk Convention’s Facebook page has announced that the convention will most likely be June 8th – June 10th, 2012.  Join in the conversation on their Facebook page.

We don’t want to get too excited because it is still a year away & Scott Lowell tweeted HERE that the actors have yet to finalize a date.  Fingers are crossed and it looks like a lot of the actors are in so far.

Here are Michelle Clunie & Hal Sparks comments on the Convention’s Facebook page.


EDITED TO ADD: Please visit the Queer as Folk Convention website & contact the organizers.  The convention will not happen if people don’t show interest!

Queer as Folk Convention Petitions

Thanks to Gale’s Italian fansite (Every 9 Seconds) we have a transcription of Scott’s comments on the QaF convention:

Scott Lowell on “The Sheena Metal Experience”, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“We’re working with a woman in Germany right now and Hoping to put together the first-cast Entire Queer As Folk convention in Cologne next year, and hopefully get everyone from across Europe … hopefully Would Be Able to Come to Cologne and as to this convention. We’ll see if it happens or not, But we’ve all talked about it … everyone in the cast, and everyone’s excited about the prospect of That, you know, for us to all be together in Some Place And Also to see, you know, Especially the European fans. We Have not really met too many of Them, But Their Enthusiasm Has Been overwhelming and so strong, I know it’s wonderful! “

Here are all the petitions we’ve come across to make sure the QaF Convention in Cologne, Germany happens.

Here is the one @ScoLo (Scott Lowell) tweeted: Queer as Folk convention in Cologne (this petition wants 1000 signatures before the end of the weekend)

Here is the Facebook page for the QaF Cologne convention:  join, sign, like… do what you do!

If you know of any others, please let us know so we can put it up here!