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Screen Caps from “Rehab Reel”

This originally came from the reel of the director of photography, Ken Glassing, for Gale’s mysterious yet-to-be-released movie Rehab.  Thanks as always to Kinwad.

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Individual Caps below:

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“Rehab” Reel w/ Gale Harold

Many thanks to Kinwad who gave us a permission to post the reel of  “Rehab” and to Ligiaelena  who captured this gorgeous pic of Gale.

New Stills of Gale Harold in “Rehab”

A big thank to our friend Rosa (@magerit23) who found all these new and awesome screen caps of Gale  from his movie “Rehab”.


Clips of Gale Harold in Rehab!

Thanks to a friend, Kinwad, we have two clips & some screen shots of Gale in his upcoming film Rehab.

Here is the LINK to Kinwad’s LiveJournal where you can see both clips plus some great screen caps.  We won’t be posting the video as per Kinwad’s request and ask you don’t as well.  Enjoy!