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Sweet Tweets About Gale Harold!

Carina MacKenzie  spoke with The Secret Circle executive producer Andrew Miller (@MillerLoLife) yesterday.  She tweeted a few tidbits.


Scott Lowell also tweeted about Gale.

Gale Harold, Scott Lowell and Thea Gill to Perform at The Young Playwrights Festival’s 20th Anniversary Gala Benefit

UPDATE: Scott let us know on Facebook that the Gala Benefit celebrating the Young Playwrights Festival’s 20th Anniversary will take place the evening of June 3rd.  You can purchase tickets here & they will cost between $50 & $250.

Here is the poster for the event which includes Scott’s & Gale’s names plus Thea Gill!

When a fan recently asked Scott Lowell whether or not Gale and he will be performing in The Young Playwrights Festival 2012 he responded that he wasn’t sure the schedule will work out, but that they will be performing on June 3rd at their 20th Anniversary Benefit.

Follow The Blank Theater and Scott on twitter for updates and bookmark the Young Playwrights Festival‘s homepage.

New Pic of Gale Harold, Michelle Clunie, Scott Lowell & Peter Paige

Michelle Clunie posted a picture on her facebook page from Scott’s Birthday w/ the caption: “Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together, Happy Birthday Scotty!!! xoxom — with Peter Paige, Michelle Clunie, Scott Lowell,  and Gale Harold.”


Happy Birthday Scott!