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Queer as Folk Convention Petitions

Thanks to Gale’s Italian fansite (Every 9 Seconds) we have a transcription of Scott’s comments on the QaF convention:

Scott Lowell on “The Sheena Metal Experience”, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“We’re working with a woman in Germany right now and Hoping to put together the first-cast Entire Queer As Folk convention in Cologne next year, and hopefully get everyone from across Europe … hopefully Would Be Able to Come to Cologne and as to this convention. We’ll see if it happens or not, But we’ve all talked about it … everyone in the cast, and everyone’s excited about the prospect of That, you know, for us to all be together in Some Place And Also to see, you know, Especially the European fans. We Have not really met too many of Them, But Their Enthusiasm Has Been overwhelming and so strong, I know it’s wonderful! “

Here are all the petitions we’ve come across to make sure the QaF Convention in Cologne, Germany happens.

Here is the one @ScoLo (Scott Lowell) tweeted: Queer as Folk convention in Cologne (this petition wants 1000 signatures before the end of the weekend)

Here is the Facebook page for the QaF Cologne convention:  join, sign, like… do what you do!

If you know of any others, please let us know so we can put it up here!


Gale to Appear to Sheena Metal Radio Show in June

Gale has been added as a guest in June on Sheena Metal’s LA talk radio show.  Here are the details.  Stay tuned here for specifics.

Gale’s Queer as Folk alums Thea Gill and Scott Lowell will be on The Sheena Metal Show Tuesday!

@ScoLo Tweet