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What Could Have Been: Charles Meade’s Fate in Season 2

Sadly, an interview was released from executive producer Andrew Miller just before the CW’s announcement that the witchy series was cancelled.  Worse than the cancellation and prospect that we won’t get to see Gale on our TV, this just killed me! Second-season-Charles sounds amazing.  Unfortunately, these plans won’t come to fruition, but it is a nice vision.

“…what I’d been waiting for — Gale Harold unleashed. “You and me. We were so desperate to show consequences and responsibility, and for him to be an out-and-out bad guy, and a dad, and a guy who brought Cassie, which was so hard to do thematically. It may have taken a long time, but it feels like we can reset his character a little bit more,” Miller said. “He’s so good at being bad, we just needed to give him enough reason to go that way…”


ICYM: CW Network Cancelled The Secret Circle with Gale Harold


In case you missed it, CW Network cancelled The Secret Circle.  I can only speculate as to why, but it seems that they had a bunch of new shows they wanted to pick up, especially for the coveted spot leading in to The Vampire Diaries.  There seems to be no room for The Secret Circle.

There was quite an uproar from The Secret Circle fandom and #SavetheSecretCircle was a worldwide twitter trend on Friday evening.

Update: There is also a petition with almost 15,000 signatures! are 3 major petitions, one with over 17,000 signatures.  Thanks @savethecircle.  You can access all the petitions at their website: Save The Secret Circle

HQ SCREEN CAPS of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle 1.21 “Prom”.

Sorry for the delay my darling Devotees!

There are tons of these; it was a Gale-heavy episode.

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SPOILER ALERT: What’s Coming Up on The Secret Circle (from EW.com)?

From Entertainment Weekly:

…Gale Harold told me that’s exactly what’s in store. But it sounds like it has more layers than a Super Bowl dip. “It’s not a straightforward cliffhanger,” he says. “It’s loaded with confusion. It’s loaded with overlaps. Everything is getting twisted…


E!Online Confident about The Secret Circle’s Season 2 Renewal

E!Online predicts The Secret Circle will get picked up for a second season, but could possible be moved to Friday night.


Gale Harold Shares The Secret Circle Spoilers!

Gale shared spoilers for the rest of season 1 with The Hollywood Reporter.

“…Charles and Dawn’s relationship will continue shift: “I’m fairly sure the shift will be substantial.” The former Queer as Folk star offered a theory as to why Dawn is treating Charles badly as of late, saying, “I think she’s trying to play me against myself. Her bringing Ethan into any sort of understanding of what’s going on is kind of moronic…”