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New Low Fidelity Trailer with Gale Harold!

Devon Gummersall, the director for Gale’s film Low Fidelity, posted a new video for the movie.



Update by @LoveMYIKA about “Home in the Morning”

Maryam Mika Day retweeted us and added that the cast for Home in the Morning has not been set.  Hopeful!!!!

Gale Harold to Star in “Home in the Morning”??? Thanks @LoveMYIKA!

Actress Maryam Myika Day (Twitter/Facebook) posted a photo and tweeted about a new project, called Home in the Morning, (that involves Gale Harold) by the producers of Boys Don’t Cry.  It is based on a book by Mary Glickman.  We don’t have much information yet, but from what we can glean this is connected to the Sundance Institute and was just a table read, so no word on final casting.

**DISCLAIMER: Gale Harold does not have a public twitter account and @GaleHarold is NOT ACTUALLY HIM!  Don’t be fooled!

Here is the photo she posted in case you don’t have Facebook access.

Gale Harold Attends the Unite Against the War on Women Rally in Los Angeles.

We have a couple of picture of Gale Harold at the UAWOW Rally in Los Angeles, California on Saturday.

Thanks to Ginger Voight on Twitter who spotted Gale with some eagle eyes and to Yara Martinez who shared a  picture of Gale and a friend plus a pic of Gale’s shoes.  I must say I died when I saw him rep’n my town in his Austin City Limits t-shirt.

Austin City Limits! So cool! Thanks @Yara_Martinez


She later retweeted that she meant to say "marching" shoes, not "matching".



A Few Phone Interviews for Gale Harold tomorrow!

Press Agent for the CW Suzanne Gomez (@Chico6) tweeted Gale will be talking to some journalists tomorrow.  Tweet her and let her know if there is anything you want Gale to know.  Please remember to keep it appropriate, peeps!

Executive Producer @MillerLoLife Posts Finale Pic of Gale Harold!

@MillerLoLife tweeted a “30 foot tall Gale Harold”.  I’m assuming this is a still from the last episode based on Executive Producer Andrew Miller’s earlier tweets.

SWEET TWEETS: Yara with Gale Harold at EJAF Oscar Viewing Party (posted w/ permission)

Yara Martinez, a great actress in her own right, was Gale’s date to Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party and tweeted this pic.  She has graciously agreed to let us share it with Gale’s fans.  From what I can gather after some twitter snooping investigation, her sisters own their own jewelry company and these earrings are their original design.  All links in the below tweet are active if you want to check out the jewelry collection.