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Adam Harrington: “Gale Harold is a Fantastic Actor”

In a new interview for myfanbase.de  Adam Harrington, who plays the role of Ethan Conant on The Secret Circle, talks about his character as well as about his role of Connor James on Queer as Folk.  Adam reveals that he enjoys working with Gale Harold.


New Interview with Adam Harrington Where He Discusses Ethan & Charles’ Future Interactions.

Thanks to ChevronOne, we get some insight into what’s coming up between the adults on The Secret Circle.

“What I like about what Gale [Harold] is doing with his character is that he’s really complex. We’re starting to see there’s a lot more going on than when we first scratched the surface with him. He’s juggling a lot more now too…


Another Interview with Adam Harrington Who Mentions Gale Harold A LOT!

Wetpaint.com interviewed Adam Harrington and he mentions his character Ethan’s interaction with Gale’s character Charles.  We hear lots about Gale in this interview.

…Gale and I definitely figured out that our relationship in the past was probably somewhat better than it is now, and that whatever happened was bad. And when you know that, you’ve got animosity to play off of each other…


Video Interview with The Secret Circle’s Adam Harrington Discussing Gale Harold/Charles Meade

Thanks to Danielle Turchiano, from LA TV Insider Examiner, who interview Adam about his character Ethan.  Adam also speculates about his character’s past with Gale’s Charles Meade.