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Brian Kinney WINS TV’s Most Crushworthy Bad Boy!

The results are in & it’s official: Brian Kinney (played by Gale Harold) has won Zap2it.com‘s TV’s Most Crushworthy Bad Boy Award!


Vote for Gale Harold/Brian Kinney as TV’s Most Crushworthy Bad Boy.

Vote for Gale Harold as Brian Kinney in TV’s Most Crushworthy Bad Boy poll at Zap2it.com.  Thanks @cadlymack.

What Do You LOVE and HATE About The Secret Circle?

What would Zap2it.com keep and what would they change about The Secret Circle?  The results aren’t too surprising.  Thanks as always to @cadlymack; she keeps us in the know with amazing Gale-details.  She basically reads my mind here, even going so far as to say Gale has an army of devoted fans!


…Gale Harold… [is] relegated to the sidelines way, way too often on this show. Harold didn’t accrue an army of devoted fans by playing the rube for years. He’s capable of carrying an entire show — give him something to do here…