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“Charles Gets What’s Coming to Him” In The Secret Circle Finale!!!

Carina MacKenzie spoke with Andrew Miller, The Secret Circle executive producer, and he gave some insight into tonight’s Season 1 Finale “Family”.  Charles is mentioned quite a bit in this interview so we are hoping rumors are true and we get a Gale-heavy episode.

“…Charles display varying degrees of weakness and strength this year, and now, as tensions in town reach a climactic finish…”


Gale Harold Hints at How Season 1 of The Secret Circle Will End.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

‘The Secret Circle’: Gale Harold Teases ‘Shocking’ Blackwell Reveal, Finale Predicaments

“…Harold addressed what the reveal of the Blackwell child will mean for everyone in town, calling the development “shocking. 

“It stabilizes these kids. Everything that they know is going to be complicated by this fact. Does that mean that they’re unable to do what they’re trying to do that is absolutely evil? The revelation is going to wreck everybody,”…”