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Shelley Hennig Also Chatted with The Hollywood Reporter About What is Coming Up for Diana & her TV Dad.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Shelley Hennig and she discusses Diana’s future, including her interactions with her Daddy Witch Charles (Gale Harold).  You can read Gale’s recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter HERE.

“…to explore Diana and Charles, especially because Charles is so opposite of Diana from what we’ve seen. It would be interesting…”


Shelley Hennig (Diana) Tells TVLine.com She Loves Working with Gale Harold

TVLine.com chatted with Shelley Hennig about what’s coming up on The Secret Circle for Diana as well as her TV dad Charles (Gale Harold).

“… there’s more Diana in Charles, and maybe there’s more Charles in Diana? I don’t know. I really do hope that they explore that. I love working with Gale [Harold].”


Shelley Hennig (Diana) Dishes on Her “Badass” TV Dad.

Shelley Hennig (Diana Meade) talks to MTV’s Hollywood Crush about Devil’s Spirit and what’s coming up for Charles and Diana.

“…sooner or later, the writers will explore their relationship even further. “I have the best father on television, don’t I? Badass!”