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Gale Finally Has His Rise ‘n Shine Convention Fanbook.

Elke Kri, the organizer of the Rise ‘n Shine Convention, posted on Facebook that Gale picked up his fanbook.  The book was compiled by Sarah a (@sazzzzy) with fan-appreciation submissions.  Each member of the cast received one & Scott, gracious as usual, agreed to make sure Gale got his.

Gale Harold, Scott Lowell and Thea Gill to Perform at The Young Playwrights Festival’s 20th Anniversary Gala Benefit

UPDATE: Scott let us know on Facebook that the Gala Benefit celebrating the Young Playwrights Festival’s 20th Anniversary will take place the evening of June 3rd.  You can purchase tickets here & they will cost between $50 & $250.

Here is the poster for the event which includes Scott’s & Gale’s names plus Thea Gill!

When a fan recently asked Scott Lowell whether or not Gale and he will be performing in The Young Playwrights Festival 2012 he responded that he wasn’t sure the schedule will work out, but that they will be performing on June 3rd at their 20th Anniversary Benefit.

Follow The Blank Theater and Scott on twitter for updates and bookmark the Young Playwrights Festival‘s homepage.

Queer as Folk Convention Petitions

Thanks to Gale’s Italian fansite (Every 9 Seconds) we have a transcription of Scott’s comments on the QaF convention:

Scott Lowell on “The Sheena Metal Experience”, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“We’re working with a woman in Germany right now and Hoping to put together the first-cast Entire Queer As Folk convention in Cologne next year, and hopefully get everyone from across Europe … hopefully Would Be Able to Come to Cologne and as to this convention. We’ll see if it happens or not, But we’ve all talked about it … everyone in the cast, and everyone’s excited about the prospect of That, you know, for us to all be together in Some Place And Also to see, you know, Especially the European fans. We Have not really met too many of Them, But Their Enthusiasm Has Been overwhelming and so strong, I know it’s wonderful! “

Here are all the petitions we’ve come across to make sure the QaF Convention in Cologne, Germany happens.

Here is the one @ScoLo (Scott Lowell) tweeted: Queer as Folk convention in Cologne (this petition wants 1000 signatures before the end of the weekend)

Here is the Facebook page for the QaF Cologne convention:  join, sign, like… do what you do!

If you know of any others, please let us know so we can put it up here!


Gale to Appear to Sheena Metal Radio Show in June

Gale has been added as a guest in June on Sheena Metal’s LA talk radio show.  Here are the details.  Stay tuned here for specifics.

Gale’s Queer as Folk alums Thea Gill and Scott Lowell will be on The Sheena Metal Show Tuesday!

@ScoLo Tweet

LA Talk Radio Queer as Folk Mini Reunion 2011- FULL Transcription

Not shown: Michelle Clunie and Peter Paige

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide to repost this please give credit to Gale Devotee and Tea Bag Me Kinney. Thank you!


Edited to just QAF cast

Courtesy of Opium and Tea

The Sheena Metal Experience

Mini Queer as Folk Reunion January 11, 2011

Full Transcription

Sheena: A very special show all this hour.  Thought up by my good friend Scott Lowell, who’s returning to the show.  Scott, come and say hi!

Scott: Hi! How are you? It’s good to see you again, Sheena.  I’m on the phone with Sharon Gless.  She’s trying to figure out how to get through to you.

Sheena: Sharon we are gonna pick up sweetie.  It’s all good!

Scott: She’s gonna pick you up in just a second. You stay on there.

Sheena: We’re doing a reunion for the ten year anniversary of one of the most innovative and cool shows on TV’s Showtime’s Queer as Folk, and we have almost the whole cast with us today.  Of course Scott who played Ted, Thea Gill is here, Michelle Clunie is with me in studio.  And everybody else is gonna be on the phone so we’re are getting everybody in. Hang tight, and it’s so great to have you here welcome to The Sheena Metal Experience.

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NEW ‘Queer As Folk’ Reunion: Gale Harold and Select Cast Members on LA Talk Radio

On Scott’s facebook:

‘Exciting News for QAF fans! There will be a mini reunion on “The Sheena Metal Show” on LATalk Radio this Tuesday 1/11/11 @ 6 PM PST!! To call in with questions or comments the number is: 818-602-4929 or email questions or comments to: sheena@sheenametalexperience.c om. Listen live online or download later at the link listed below. http://www.latalkradio.com/Sheena.php

Scott Lowell Schedule permitting guests will include Michelle, Thea, Gale, Sharon, Peter and myself!!

On Scott’s Twitter:

Scott Lowell

Who is excited about this great news! ME. Be sure to catch the link above to the show … I will be posting the audio as soon as it is up on Sheena’s website. Let’s hope that Gale’s schedule permits him to sit down and talk some Brian Kinney and catch us up on what he is doing career wise. 🙂

UPDATED AND CONFIRMED!!  Gale will be there. Who is happy dancing? That would be Devotee fo sho!

thanks to @tn80 for the tip!