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A Few Phone Interviews for Gale Harold tomorrow!

Press Agent for the CW Suzanne Gomez (@Chico6) tweeted Gale will be talking to some journalists tomorrow.  Tweet her and let her know if there is anything you want Gale to know.  Please remember to keep it appropriate, peeps!

Gale Harold Shares The Secret Circle Spoilers!

Gale shared spoilers for the rest of season 1 with The Hollywood Reporter.

“…Charles and Dawn’s relationship will continue shift: “I’m fairly sure the shift will be substantial.” The former Queer as Folk star offered a theory as to why Dawn is treating Charles badly as of late, saying, “I think she’s trying to play me against myself. Her bringing Ethan into any sort of understanding of what’s going on is kind of moronic…”


The Secret Circle Executive Produce Andrew Miller Discusses Gale Harold






Wetpaint.com interviewed Andrew Miller about The Secret Circle, love triangles & Gale Harold.

…Natasha’s character is a really fun character because she is so complex, and when we meet her she’s not everything we expect her to be. And in Episode 3, and to some degree in Episode 2, she behaves in ways that you would never expect, and it redefines her relationship with Charles, Gale Harold’s character…



Send in Your Questions for Gale Harold!

Tweets from @jimhalterman & @cadlymack regarding their interviews with The Secret Circle cast & Gale!

Gale to Appear to Sheena Metal Radio Show in June

Gale has been added as a guest in June on Sheena Metal’s LA talk radio show.  Here are the details.  Stay tuned here for specifics.

Gale’s Queer as Folk alums Thea Gill and Scott Lowell will be on The Sheena Metal Show Tuesday!

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