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SPOILER: The Secret Circle Pilot HQ Screen Caps of Gale Harold

Here are over 150 screen caps of just-Gale in the pilot of The Secret Circle.  You can watch the early release of the pilot FOR FREE on iTunes, but make sure you also watch on Thursday & set your DVRs.

I really enjoyed the pilot, and not just the Gale-parts.  I am very excited for Gale; this show seems like a real winner & I cannot wait to see episode 2!

Beware, these contain SPOILERS.

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Click below for the entire gallery.  Righ-click-save as many HQ images as you’d like!

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First Production Still of Gale Harold as Charles Meade

Thanks to ksitvetv.com, we have our first official still of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle Pilot.


Heroin TV Reacts to the Secret Circle Pilot

Thoughts on The Secret Circle pilot:

…Gale Harold was chilling and yet also smoldering…  He was pretty much my favorite part of the pilot. He plays Diana’s dad, and I really can’t wait to learn more about all the parents, and what happened 16 years ago. Crazy dangerous stuff went down, and it changed these people’s lives forever. I’m all about the older generation at the moment. Love it!…


and thanks as per usual to @tn80 for the heads up.  She is a dear friend and angel!

More Positive Reactions to Gale in the Secret Circle Pilot.

@dieslaughing, a Vampire Diaries fan and the American half of Vampire-Diaries.net, watched the Secret Circle Pilot & tweeted her reactions.  I must say, the last tweet is my favorite!