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SPOILER ALERT: What’s Coming Up on The Secret Circle (from EW.com)?

From Entertainment Weekly:

…Gale Harold told me that’s exactly what’s in store. But it sounds like it has more layers than a Super Bowl dip. “It’s not a straightforward cliffhanger,” he says. “It’s loaded with confusion. It’s loaded with overlaps. Everything is getting twisted…


First Look at The Secret Circle Episode 1.17 “Cursed” with Gale Harold

Thanks to Screencrave, we have a review of The Secret Circle “Cursed” (ep 1.17) which was premiered at WonderCon 2012.

…Charles and Dawn (specifically Charles) have a new use for her. Vain side note: Charles looks great in this episode. Someone got a haircut!


Gale’s Scenes in The Secret Circle 1.13 “Medallion”

Gale-peeps, I won’t post the entire episode, but here are Gale’s scenes in Thursday’s ep of The Secret Circle (“Medallion” 1.13)

TONS of Gale Harold “Medallion” 1.13 Screen Caps!

Sorry for the delay, peeps; Grape has a cold!  Here are over 100o HQ screen caps of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle Episode 1.13 “Medallion”.  SPOILERS, of course.

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Gale Harold Shares The Secret Circle Spoilers!

Gale shared spoilers for the rest of season 1 with The Hollywood Reporter.

“…Charles and Dawn’s relationship will continue shift: “I’m fairly sure the shift will be substantial.” The former Queer as Folk star offered a theory as to why Dawn is treating Charles badly as of late, saying, “I think she’s trying to play me against myself. Her bringing Ethan into any sort of understanding of what’s going on is kind of moronic…”


Gale Harold Shares Some Spoilers for Season 1 of The Secret Circle

Wetpaint.com interviewed Gale Harold and Chris Zylka about what’s coming up this season on The Secret Circle.

…Charles has already offed Cassie’s mother, poor possessed Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), and put Cassie’s grandmother on the path to permanent confusion, we asked Gale if he thinks Charles has a conscience.

“I think it’s not so much about conscience but...


@Cadlymack Shares Spoilers for Thursday’s Episode of The Secret Circle — “Darkness”

Thanks to Carina MacKenzie at Zap2It.com, we have some spoilers for the mid-season return of The Secret Circle.  Mama Meade shows up and Charles & Dawn’s relationship is a-changin’!

…We were getting a little tired of him following her around like a kicked puppy, so we’re glad to see that the dynamic between Charles and Dawn is balancing out a bit…