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Who is Gale Harold’s Favorite Gay Icon?

Jim Halterman/@JimHalterman (who is a recently married man) spoke to Gale at the AfterElton Hot 100 Party on Monday.  He mentions him in his Wrap-Up article for AfterElton.com.

Gale Herold‘s favorite homosexual of all time is Marlene Dietrich…”

He also tweeted about their conversation:

Sweet Tweets About Gale Harold!

Carina MacKenzie  spoke with The Secret Circle executive producer Andrew Miller (@MillerLoLife) yesterday.  She tweeted a few tidbits.


Scott Lowell also tweeted about Gale.

Upcoming Interview with Gale Harold Coming Soon from @chevronone

Jennifer Griffin of Chevron One interviewed Gale today and expects to have the interview out by Thursday, so our fingers are crossed.  She shared some great tidbits via Twitter; here are a  few:

Make sure you’re following @chevronone, as well as @GaleDevotee on twitter!

Gale Harold Extra Interview Tweets (thanks to @verybookish)!

Thanks so much to the awesome @verybookish, who was able to attend Gale’s Extra interview at The Grove Los Angeles and live-tweeted her experience.  She is amazing and has gotten the Gale Devotee GOLD STAR of the day!  Let her know how jealous grateful we are.

New Pics of Gale Harold in Upcoming Film Low Fidelity (Thanks to kinwad)

Thanks to kinwad on LJ, we have 4 great new pics of Gale Harold in his upcoming film Low Fidelity.  We don’t have  a release date yet, but our very own @rpattznurse recently tweeted @juntoboxfilms about the release…  …and we are waiting eagerly and will keep you updated.


Now, what you really want: Gale Pics!

Thanksgiving Photo of Gale

Chris Grismer (@ChrisGrismer) tweeted a photo of Gale entitled “Thanksgiving Sunlight”.  He directed an episode of The Secret Circle as well as 3 episodes of Queer as Folk.  The little boy in the picture is Chris’s son & the identity of the woman is unconfirmed (although most can guess who she is).

Send in Your Questions for Gale Harold!

Carina MacKenzie (@cadlymack) of Zap2it.com tweeted that she is interviewing Gale and wants your questions!

Click HERE to reply to her tweet!