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2 New Photos of Gale Harold

We’ve come across 2 new photos of Gale.  All we can report is that they have something to do with the Sundance Institute.




More Photos of Gale Harold at the Grove

Thanks to Paparazzinc we added two more photos to our wonderful collection of  Gale’s images at the Grove in Los Angeles. The site also mentions that Gale has a new movie coming out “In the Woods”.


MASTER POST: Gale Harold Pictures @TheGroveLa for @ExtraTV.

Gale peeps,

I’m creating a master post of all Gale Harold’s photos from Thursday’s appearance at The Grove LA.  Many thanks to @verybookish, @Marcelles_Cool, AmeliaLourdes, Gale-Harold.it, The Secret Circle Fan, DHCentral, and Paparazzinc.com

New Images of Gale Harold in Next Weeks Episode of The Secret Circle.

Thanks to KSiteTV.com we have 3 new images of Gale Harold in next weeks episode (“Balcoin” 1.9) of The Secret Circle.  This will be the last episode of 2011; The Secret Circle resumes with episode 1.10 on January 5, 2012.

New Episode Stills of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle 1.8 “Beneath”

Thanks to KsiteTV.com, we have some new images from the November 4th episode of The Secret Circle.

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Pics of Gale Harold from Last Night’s CW Preview Party

So far, we have just a few pics of Gale from last night’s party.  We’ll continually update this gallery & if you know where we can find unwatermarked or HQ images, please let us know.

HQ Image Thanks to Beata

HQ Image Thanks to Beata