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REVIEW: Gale Harold is “Favorite Character on the Show.”

Thanks to @tsarina777 we have a wonderful review from OffcolorTV.com

Charles in Charge

The Secret Circle. Charles in Charge.

…favorite character on the show so far, played by Gale Harold, is Charles Meade.  He’s got serious swagger; you can tell he’s King Shit around town.  He’s hot, he’s charming and he’s secretly evil, which is the best kind of evil.  If you’ve seen Queer As Folk, you understand why I love this character.  He’s basically playing Brian Kinney, except he’s a witch instead of the hottest gay manslut in the history of ever.  The expression on his face when he was killing Cassie’s mom was the same blasé nonchalance Kinney used to display while he was getting a bj in the bathroom at Club Babylon.  Even if you’re not a QAF fan, you had to love his character here – he’s going to be a very fun villain.  I think it’s great that the parents are interesting and involved in the story, unlike most teen shows which all seem to favor absentee guardians (Pretty Little Liars much?).  Charles is Diana’s dad, which only furthers my suspicion that Diana is actually the scariest member of the circle.  The apple and the tree and all that…


Zap2it.com is “Spellbound by…Gale Harold”

‘The Secret Circle’ premiere: Spellbound by Phoebe Tonkin and Gale Harold

…We’ve loved Gale Harold‘s work for years, and saw occasional glimpses of his darker side as Brian on “Queer as Folk” — but as Charles, he instantly gave us the chills. The deliberate, calculated nature of the murder in the first scene, particularly given the fact that he obviously knew Amelia, was terrifying.

The best scene in the pilot was easily his drowning scene with Ethan – the juxtaposition of power and weakness was stirring…


The Boston Herald Reviews The Secret Circle & Gale Harold

‘Secret Circle’ makes it hard to decide which witch to watch

…witless kids don’t realize: They are being manipulated by Diana’s father Charles (Harold), the very one who murdered Cassie’s mother, and Faye’s mother Dawn (Natasha Henstridge, “Species”), who hope to take advantage of unleashing their children’s powers…


Zap2It.com Reviews The Secret Circle & has Great Things to Say About Gale Harold

‘The Secret Circle’ review: Bewitched, bothered and Britt Robertson

…Also one of the of the show’s biggest selling points – “in Queer Folk” vet Gale Harold , in particular. From His first moment on screen, starting the fire That pushes Cassie’s mother out of the picture and into her His yet-to-be-Plot Revealed, he’s the perfect villain…


AOL TV Reviews The Secret Circle & Gale Harold

Thanks to aoltv.com we have another positive review for Gale:

Review: ‘The Secret Circle’ Casts an Efficient Spell

…’The Secret Circle’ demonstrates that it’s able to strike a suitably creepy tone at times, as the pilot does in the opening scene and whenever Gale Harold’s manipulative character is around…



Another Good Review for Gale Harold in The Secret Circle

AfterElton.com has released their review of The Secret Circle, calling Gale “handsome” and the “Big Bad”.

Review: “The Secret Circle” is Worth Joining (Even if it’s Nothing New)

…And Queer as Folk’s Gale Harold gets a chance to go back to chewing major scenery as Charles Meade, the show’s handsome and (initially) charming Big Bad. There’s a particularly effective scene where he threatens someone with drowning by magically showing them exactly what it would feel like…


Another Review for Gale Harold in The Secret Circle

The Lincoln Star Journal says Gale “does evil well.”

A look at what The CW has to offer this fall

…Gale Harold, who plays a bad-ass father (with powers) to one of the kids. Harold does evil well…