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New Fan Photo of Gale at the Young Playwrights Festival

Once again and for always, thanks Merrily!

The Hands are Aaaaa-mazing!

New Photo (UNTAGGED) of Gale at the Young Playwrights Festival

Thanks Merrily for sharing.  Please do not repost w/o permission per the photographer’s request.  Merrily was kind enough to let us un-tag this so please give her all due credit if reposting.

Gale Harold at Young Playwrights Festival

New Pics of Gale at YPF

Thanks to our Russian Sister Site, there are a lot of new pics of Gale in Like a Dog in Space & at the Young Playwrights Festival.

I must mention the shiny, shiny hair...

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UPDATE: Photos of Gale & Thea at YPF — PLZ DO NOT REPOST PICS.

Here are the photos of Gale & Thea from the Young Playwrights Festival.  Please honor the photographer’s request and DO NOT REPOST  without permission.  You may link back to these photos here, but please do not repost the pics.  Merrily has trusted me with these and I am eternally grateful to her.  Also, in all honesty, we’d like the hits to our site as well.

Much Love,

Grape & Devotee

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New Fan Photo of Gale at Young Playwrights Festival

Thanks to Gale Harold Online and fan Ali Sakata there is another photo of Gale with a fan.


2 New Photos of Gale Harold in Young Playwrights Festival

Thanks to Gale’s wonderful Russian Fan Site we had two new pics of Gale from “Like a Dog in Space” from the Young Playwrights Festival.

2 More Fan Reports from Gale’s “A Dog in Space” Performance

Verybookish on the IMDb board posted her report of seeing Gale perform last night.  She also saw *GASP* Scott Lowell, Peter Paige, Randy Harrison & Michelle Clunie there to support him as well as a great cause.

Here is another fan report by Laura (credit is given to Every 9 Seconds.)  Here is also a link to a picture the fan (Laura) took.

Action Shots of the play will be taken on Sunday so we’ll get those up as fast as our pretty little fingers can!

Remember that Thea is performing next week and Scott’s play in two weeks.  If you are in the LA area, go and support the Young Playwrights Festival!